Who’s Kidding Who – Let’s Legalize US Online Gambling

24 Aug

As i don’t mean to be indigent about the matter, but that’s kidding who. We have gambling in virtually every state within the union. Whether it’s the horse race tracks that greatly across the U. S., or the slot machines and poker houses inside those race tracks, or the casinos on “Riverboats” and Indian Reservations, or just the state sponsored gambling tutorial the lotteries, scratchoffs and PowerBALL!! And, let’s do remember those destination Mecca’s of Las Vegas and Atlantic Community.

I can’t remember the last time I was anywhere in the United States in which I could not drive to a major casino within an hour. Yet, we keep living under the illusion that there is an item unseemly if not downright immoral about gambling online. Clearly, it is happening, of course. Every day, all across the U. Ring., players are getting online and gambling. Whether it’s playing the FOOTBALL at their favorite online sports book, or finding a safety in their favorite online poker room, or playing a little baccarat, Americans are on the internet every day qq online.

So what do we develop out of this charade that gambling shouldn’t be allowed online. The very first thing we guarantee is that any regulation of it is done the gym and, let’s face it, that usually means it’s not undertaken at all. Now I’m not pointing any fingers, but in small-scale island countries where online gambling has become a major part of their valuable economy, don’t we really have the wolves guarding the henhouse.

Another thing we get is to let someone other than the United States purchase all those tax dollars that the regulating country receives. At the moment when we have staggering federal deficits, we certainly want to bring in millions of dollars of tax revenue off of online playing games.

Does this remind anyone of anything? I don’t know when you’re watching the new HBO series “Boardwalk Empire. ” However I swear 1920 Atlantic City is difficult to know the difference between from 2010 Anywhere USA. No one wanted prohibition more than bootleggers. The biggest opponents of legalized gambling in the Ough. S. are those who are doing it offshore and keeping the substantial Vegas boys out of the business. It’s the wild west nowadays right now, and it’s about time someone stood up, stopped the whole set of non-sense, and began to tame it.

Just when it looked like we were headed in this direction, Congress up and surpassed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which purposes to have banks and financial institutions stop the main transfer of funds from your and my banking medical care data to offshore casinos. Well, that was a huge setback. Some bill has been introduced in Congress to reverse the effects of the UIGEA and allow for online poker rooms to operate in the nation, but this bill did not make it to House floor for one vote in 2009.

Gambling is an accepted part of American everyday living. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is just kidding you (and maybe themselves). Let’s just get this behind us, don’t what already is, and start moving forward with American based upon online gambling.