Purchasing the Perfect Poker Table

08 Mar

To be able to sponsor a ideal poker game you’ll have to put money into a fantastic poker table. The kitchen table has been excellent if you’re practicing with all the household, but now you have regular guests arriving to play with poker it is time to update the lodging. To be able to decide on the ideal poker table to your sport, there are numerous elements to take under account.

How Often is the Game?

In the event the match is once a month, then you can eliminate buying a cheap table or a desk which excels and is easily kept. But if you’re operating a normal poker match greater than 1 night per week you will probably wish to put money into an excellent poker table which could stay in a static location.

Number of Players

How many gamers regular your poker match? Ten or more, plus a single dining table will suffice; nevertheless, should you anticipate 18 or players you’ll obviously must obtain an extra table. If you’re thinking about conducting multi-table championships you may need a few tables and also price is going to be a large element in your decision making.

Most tournaments have been followed with a live-action match. In this case it’s normal to buy one pricey, quality poker dining table to your live match and many cheap table toppers for the length of the championship.

Different types of Poker Tables

There are lots of poker table choices available on the market nowadays.

Roll Up Poker Table Toppers

These dining table toppers are generally blue using a rubberized backing which sticks firmly to almost any surface. The toppers are often sized in 70″x 35″ and therefore are handily water resistant. They are sometimes put on almost any oblong table and easily rolled up and stowed when not being used. The toppers have a propensity to curl up around the borders rather than lay absolutely flat. They may be bought online for around $45.

Folding Poker Table Toppers

These mass made poker table toppers can be obtained in just about any chain shop for under $50. They generally come shaped like an octagon when opened and sized at 48″ they can fit 8 people. These toppers have a green felt in the middle and are plastic around the edges. Most include chip and/or drink holders for the players and come with a handy carrying case for easy storage. You can also order oval models that include a padded rail for a little higher price of around $90.

Collapsible Poker Table

These poker tables are used without the support of another table and can be set up as a self-standing poker table in any location. They are a bit smaller than a professional poker table, but you can fit 10 players at one table if you are passing the deal. If you are using a house dealer, you will likely prefer the table with only 9 player spots and a middle position for the dealer. With the padded armrests and a slightly padded felt top, these poker tables feel almost like a “real” poker table and can be purchased online ranging from $200 to $500.

Professional Poker Table

Professional poker tables are much more expensive than any of the above listed options. The quality is far superior and most will last a lifetime. The felt will wear over time, but can be replaced. These poker tables are usually sized at approximately 96″x 48″ and match ten players and a single trader comfortably. The tables have been set lower into the floor and are extremely sturdy. Several internet sites allow you to personalize the appearance of the table to satisfy your particular requirements. A fundamental table with no add on’s ranges in cost from $2,000 to $6,000. These options will increase the cost: Engineered timber, a trader menu, beverage holders, a hint menu or rake slot machine.

Premium Professional Poker Table with Extra’s

Should you truly need to impress your poker buddies or take your house game to another level, look at investing in a desk using a built in automatic card shuffler, lights round the rim or in every player place, or lipstick camera. To get a cost of roughly $10,000 it is possible to order the entire functions and also have a table prepared for a tournament. Obviously you’ll be able to store around for a fantastic bargain, however these tables include a hefty price tag. But if you’ve got the money and enjoy gambling, then why don’t we!

Custom Poker Table Toppers

In the event you choose to splurge on a professional poker tablebut despise the table occupies wasted space, you can buy a customized dining table top. This custom made topper will totally pay for the poker table letting you utilize the table for some other purposes without the probability of damaging the sensed. Many house games utilize the kitchen or dining room table, however with this kitchen table may very literally be your table. How cool is that?

Poker Table Felt

The most important point of a poker table isn’t really covered in authentic sensed, though that’s what most men and women call it. Felt wouldn’t be a smooth coating to cope on, in actuality, the substance would hurt readily and little little balls of lint would immediately protect the surface. There’s a similar type substance known as velveteen located on reduced end tables. The substance predominately utilized is a rate fabric that’s made mainly of cotton and olefin, although you may also locate a nylon velvet rate fabric or crushed velvet. The two kinds of lace cloth are extremely soft and somewhat more affordable, however the cards don’t really slip as easily as on the lace polyester rate fabric (seen from the image ). There’s additionally a non-patterned speed fabric that’s smooth and solid for all those players who don’t prefer the texture of this patterned fabric. The most frequent criticism of this good speed fabric is that the surface is so easy the cards occasionally fly off the desk when coped.

It’s possible to buy speed fabric by the yard in a range of colours, however, green is undoubtedly the hottest choice. The cost is significantly less than $20 per yard or you’ll be able to buy a whole pre-sized piece to coordinate with the magnitude of your desk to get approximately $40 — $60. If you cannot select which colour or substance to use to the own table, order a sample package, which is given by the majority of businesses for less $5 and contains a little swatch of each material.

Custom fabric is a exceptional way to market or decorate the surface of your own poker table. Any title, picture or logo can be printed right on the felt, however it also comes in a cost ranging from $250 to $500. Pre-designed selections like a sports club or playing cards are somewhat less costly. Complicated or multicolored designs or massive photographs will be a lot greater in cost.


There are a whole lot of elements to take into consideration when purchasing a poker table to the online poker game. As soon as you pick a table, you are going to want to locate seats that fit around your desk and are suited to your visitors. A few poker tables may provide matching chairs. Additionally, little drink tables, such as the one to your left, won’t simply create your players feel unique, they’ll also shield against spills in your brand-new table. This dining table can be bought online for approximately $100 per year, but you only should get some online since players may talk about the tables. Table covers could be gotten for under $50 and therefore are a fantastic investment for guarding your poker table out of dust and dirt. For more info click